Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Election Song

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Gordon you cowson
You don’t talk for me
You have no idea
What a working man can be

You and your mate Tony
Have turned a new leaf
Made of the Red Flag
A tart’s handkerchief

Cameron you muppet
You can’t pull the wool
You’re more left than Labour
And that’s a load of bull

You’re all rights and fairness
And sharing out the dosh
If you was back in power
We’d be under the cosh

Apart from Vince Cable
The Liberals are a mess
And he’s a lone teabag
In the wilderness

Conservation people
Get right on me wick
The only time I’m green
Is when I’m being sick

I am a member
Of a Party maligned
By joker journos
Of malignant mind

Who misjudge our actions
And misrepresent
Our national pride
And noble intent

A People’s Party
Sons of honest toil
Scraping out a living
From the meagre soil

Foreigners invade
Rulers for a day
We the true people
Will never go away

We fight in the markets
We fight in the hills
We fight for the right
To live from our skills

We fight for our genes
To keep ourselves pure
We fight for our culture
So she may endure

We fight for children
And mothers and wives
The fight for freedom
Defines our lives

I stand before you
A decided man
Come the May Election
I’m voting Taleban

© Nick Weldon April 2010

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