Monday, 30 November 2009

Hijacked by the Suits

This is my first post in a new category. I call it 'Hijacked by the Suits'.
Here I will be exploring the many nefarious ways in which artists, musicians, painters, writers, dancers and all, have allowed the channel between creator and devotee to be hijacked by money men. Once upon a time, these art terrorists were content merely to lift 90% of the profit from our creative endeavours, in return for taking care of the annoying business of taking our work to market. But now their power is such that they have insinuated themselves into the heart of the creative process itself, demanding input into plot, character, location, melody, texture and atmosphere as a condition of their huge slice of revenue.
Now we sing write and sculpt only to order, as directed, for otherwise we know our work will remain secret.
We artists, once proud pioneers and seekers of intangible truth, have become lifeless dummies who can speak only the narrow platitudes of our masters.
The ventriloquists have become greedy; we call them the Suits.

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